About the Macphail Centre

About Us

The Macphail Centre and Theatre are located in the community wing, part of the new Ullapool High School.

Ullapool High School was designed with Ullapool and surrounding communities in mind and shaped by the time and energy of the staff, pupils, school board, community representatives and artists.

Built in 1999, the official opening by Sam Galbraith MSP, Minister for Children and Education, followed in April 2000.

The inclusion of all the community elements being a major step forward to the lifelong learning accessibility for all.

The whole building was greatly enhanced by the additional funding of a Community Arts Project. This project saw involvement from the whole of the Ullapool and surrounding catchment area, with workshops and the decision making process taking into account the views of all age groups.



Macphail Centre, Mill Street, Ullapool, IV26 2UN, 01854 613336.





Macphail Centre, Mill Street, Ullapool, IV26 2UN, 01854 613336. macphailcentre@highlifehighland.com

The Macphail Centre is overseen by the Macphail management committee and

receives support from High Life Highland and Creative Scotland



Venue for theatre, conferences, meetings, training and the performing arts